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Dan Parkers 2008 Corvette

Want to read an inspiring story? Then look no further than Dan Parker.... The Blind Machinist. Follow along to see how this Blind American is defying all odds and attempting to go over 200-mph!!!

PSI recently had a very unique opportunity to work with Dan Parker to fulfill his dream. Dan has undertaken the task of trying to become the first blind person to go over 200-mph in a car (a feat he has already achieved on a motorcycle). In Dan's own words as posted on his Facebook page...

"On March 31, 2012 I was in an accident that forever changed my life. So much has happened since then and I've exceeded specialists expectations in my recovery. I want to start by thanking everyone that have helped me through my healing, and to all who have contributed to my dream of being the first blind man to independently race the Bonneville Salt Flats. It’s always been a dream of mine to race on the Salt. After the accident, I thought that dream was over. Then it came to me one night in bed that I could do this. Losing my eyesight did not have to stop my goals and dreams.

My land-speed trike is a specially constructed configuration using an Aprilia 50cc motor and a 20mm Lectron carburetor. I've designed the frame and bent the tubes myself using bump dots on my tubing bender and friends have helped with the welding.

When I first approached potential sponsors, family, and friends, I could sense the skepticism in their voices. Once I explained my thought process, it made sense. Safety has always been a concern of mine even as a racer. With help from Allen Dudley and Patrick Johnson from MFI Electronics, they designed a guidance system using a high grade GPS that alerts me if I stray off course and provides audible feedback to correct if necessary. Many fail-safe shut-off features both automatic and remote have been incorporated into this system as well. Thankfully BUB allowed me run and on August 26, 2013. I became the first blind man to independently race a motorcycle on the Bonneville Salt Flats. I get inspiration from the many blind friends that I’ve met who have achieved personal goals that I once thought would be impossible.

My journey is not over. I plan to return to the Salt and have many plans in the works. All of you know someone who is disabled whether it be a disability from birth, progressing through the years, or a tragic accident. We don't want to be seen as disabled but an individual who has talents and has to use a little ingenuity."

Well through a partnership with numerous sponsors including PSI, Dan is returning to the salt, this time in a 2008 C6 Corvette powered by a custom LS engine with factory electronics and a custom PSI builders harness powering the drivetrain. To say that this story is inspiring is an understatement, as reaching the 210-mph goal is difficult for those with sight, much less someone who is BLIND.

Dan built the motorcycle described above and became the first-ever blind man to race at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2013, then set a class record in 2014 with no exemptions for blindness. He races with no human assistance, and use a custom guidance system that gives me audible feedback on how to correct the course. It's an incredibly bold and brave thing and Dan has never let anything stop him in the past, and is proving to continue living his racing dreams.

We've gotten Dan setup with a standalone LS system harness and computer; We are proud to be part of the journey. Builders harness HAR-9002, more to come! Wire it up and Fire it up!

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