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PSI Warranty

Do PSI products come with a Warranty?

Yes. The harness/computers will come with a 90 day return/exchange window with a 1 year unlimited mile warranty; Despite the policy- we do try to support and advise and guide all PSI customers regardless of purchase date. 

A PCM/Computer (any product) that has been physically altered, painted, holes drilled, cut, locked or altered tune, etc. cannot be returned under any circumstance.

If you suspect there is a problem with a harness, or other PSI product, it is your responsibility to ship the item back to PSI for evaluation. 

What don't we cover?

PSI retains the right to refuse refunds for custom (i.e. unique) modifications done to the harness at the request of the customer - spliced/cut/modified wiring harnesses in any way, will render the harness ineffective and used.

Liability is limited to replacement of product to the original purchaser. 

PSI Is not responsible for SHOP FEE's, diagnostics, or additional tuning - we offer tech support and troubleshooting with the harness and computers to get you Wired up & Fired up. 

Damage due to improper installation, negligence, alteration (including changes to ECM/TCM and wiring/physical modifications), accidental or improper use; Damages from any fire, overheating motor, burns on harness/product that leaves items damaged and not in NEW condition. Vehicle to be used as advised in owners manual.

Something was ordered wrong- Exchange information

Please see our Return policy and follow it to receive an RMA number to have the harness repaired/corrected. Customers have 90 days from the purchase date to check for any issues to be corrected or exchanged without any penalty applied. Customer is to ship product back, allow 3-7 business days for item to be complete and sent back.