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TSP 427 CID 675 HP LS7 Turn-Key Package

Texas Speed & Performance's turn-key engine packages are your solution for powerful, durable, and trouble-free late-model LSx power plants for your muscle car or hot rod! Each package is precision machined with state-of-the-art CNC equipment that allow for the strictest of tolerances, and every TSP engine is hand-assembled by experts that deal ONLY with LSx-based engines!

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  • Texas Speed & Performance's turn-key engine packages are your solution for powerful, durable, and trouble-free late-model LSx power plants for your muscle car or hot rod! Each package is precision machined with state-of-the-art CNC equipment that allow for the strictest of tolerances, and every TSP engine is hand-assembled by experts that deal ONLY with LSx-based engines! All of our engine machining and assembly, as well as our cylinder head production, is in-house and NOT sourced out. All components in our engines are brand new parts, including the block, so you are not buying an engine that uses any remanufactured items! We are the only LSx-based company that digitizes and blueprints every engine block on a CNC machine to the factory GM specifications! Our turn-key packages are designed to provide our customers with a true drop-in engine that is ready to run! These are not stock crate engines that have been slightly modified. These are hand-built engines that have received the care and attention that you should expect when purchasing an engine! Our engines are built for strength, durability, and power, so your new TSP turn-key engine is ready for whatever you can throw at it! The TSP 427 CID 675 HP LS7 Turn-Key Package will have a lopey idle and will require a minimum of 2,800 RPM stall speed torque converter for automatics. This package will include the following items: GM LS7 Aluminum Engine Block Texas Speed & Performance Forged 4340 4.00" Stroke Crankshaft Texas Speed & Performance Forged 6.125" Connecting Rods Wiseco 4.127" Forged Piston Set with Steel Top/Napier 2nd Ring Set 11.45:1 Compression Ratio Precision Race Components 265cc Aftermarket 6-Bolt LS7 Cylinder Heads with Titanium Intake Valves and TSP Dual Valve Spring Kit with PAC .660" Springs & Titanium Retainers Texas Speed & Performance Custom-Grind Hydraulic-Roller Camshaft Texas Speed & Performance Hardened Pushrods Johnson 2110 Lifters GM Cylinder Head Bolts Cometic MLS Cylinder Head Gaskets GM Rocker Arms with Trunion Upgrade Kit Stainless Steel Hardware: Intake Manifold Bolts, Timing Cover Bolts, Valley Cover Bolts, Water Pump Bolts, Thermostat Bolts, & Oil Pump Bolts Texas Speed & Performance Billet Baffled Aluminum Center-Bolt Valve Covers With Billet Catch Can Kit Remote Coil Pack Relocation Mounts for a Clean Look Under the Hood GM Hot Rod Oil Pan Kit as Standard Multiple Front Drive Systems to Choose From GM LS7 Intake Manifold Assembly: Includes Manifold, Fuel Rail, Fuel Injectors, and GM LS7 Electronic Throttle Body GM Throttle Pedal Complete GM Sensors GM Ignition Coil Packs MSD Universal Cut-to-Fit LS1 Spark Plug Wire Kit NGK Spark Plugs Custom-Built Engine Wiring Harness Built Specific for Your Application (Can Include Necessary Wiring to Control An Electronic Transmission, Such as the 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L70E, and Even the 6-Speed Auto 6L80E For No Additional Charge!) TSP Programmed ECM Specific for Your Setup (Automatic Trans Setups Will Include a Tuned TCM For No Additional Charge!) GM Front Oxygen Sensors GM Mass Air Flow Sensor GM Starter 12 Quarts of Joe Gibbs Break-In Oil AC Delco Oil Filter GM Flywheel or Flexplate All of the TSP turn-key engine packages will include a custom-built engine harness and a GM ECM to allow for full engine control and the best driving characteristics possible. Most other suppliers of turn-key engine packages will use out-of-date MEFI ECM's and harnesses that do NOT allow the engine to make fueling or timing changes when running, nor will they allow for any needed changes with varying altitude. The TSP turn-key engine packages will allow your engine to run and function exactly like a new car straight off of the production line! This will not only help the power output, but it will also help to maximize the fuel mileage! Our custom-built harnesses will also allow for full control of a GM's 4-speed overdrive 4L60E, 4L65E, and 4L70E electronically-controlled transmission. We can even set it up to control GM's six-speed automatic 6L80E transmission! We can have your harness custom-built to allow for transmission control, so you will not have to spend $1,200+ on a stand-alone transmission controller! The competition's MEFI ECM and harness does not have this capability. All of our turn-key engine packages will come standard with the TSP billet aluminum valve covers with a coil pack relocation kit and GM Hot Rod Oil Pan Kit. However, we do offer upgrades for all of these items, which are listed below in the drop-down menus. Let us know if you are looking for an item that is not listed, and we will be glad to provide you with a price! The aluminum coil pack relocation kit allows you to hide the ignition coil packs anywhere you would like under the hood, which provides you with a clean and uncluttered engine bay. All Texas Speed & Performance turn-key engine packages will come standard with a one-year, unlimited-mile warranty as standard! This will require all tuning to be performed by us. We stand behind our work, and when you purchase a Texas Speed & Performance engine you are not only buying the parts but also the knowledge, experience, and know-how! We have completed many LSx-based engine retrofits at our facility, and we KNOW what works and what is required to complete the installation! We do recommend verifying the necessary clearances for both the front drive accessories and the oil pan kit. The kits that we have listed work with the majority of setups, but every car does vary! It is the customer's responsibility to verify these measurements BEFORE placing the order. Once these items are installed on your engine and shipped out, they are not returnable. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your setup with us, and we will be glad to assist you in determining what your vehicle will require! All TSP engines will include two oil changes worth of Driven Racing break-in oil for no additional cost. Proper break-in oil and procedures for your engine are just as important as the build process! The Driven Racing break-in oil allows for proper ring sealing against the cylinder walls upon start-up, as well as for the break-in period once the engine is up and running. Most off-the-shelf engine oils do not have the necessary ZDDP additives to allow for proper break-in of a new engine, and we want to take every precaution possible to ensure that your new TSP engine receives a proper break-in! We also offer the Driven Racing oil for your new engine once your break-in is complete. We recommend using either the HR2 conventional non-synthetic or the LS30 full synthetic oil. Please note that the Driven Racing LS30 is the ONLY synthetic oil we recommend using in your engine because it retains the necessary ZDDP additives. *Optional sheet metal intake manifold and polished front drive accessory kit shown in pictures. Standard package will include the GM black composite intake manifold and GM non-polished accessories.


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