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1990 Chevy C1500

Project Details

Vehicle: 1990 Chevy C1500 Regular Cab Long Bed Pickup (#PROJECTPSI)
Engine: 2015 GEN V L86 5.3
Camshaft: Stock
Power Adder: LT4 Blower
Transmission: GM 10 speed automatic (10L80E)
Rear End: Stock 8.2 10 Bolt
Suspension: Stock.


#ProjectPSI is a 1990 Chevy C1500 2WD OBS truck. It was owned since the early 90’s by PSI co-ower Jon Vezzosi’s wife's grandfather. When he passed, he left the truck to his granddaughter. After using the truck as a beater for several years, it was decided to start using it as an engine and transmission test mule. The truck as seen numerous engine and transmission combinations including Gen III, Gen IV and Gen V engines with every conceivable transmission and both drive by cable and drive by wire throttle bodies. The purpose of the truck is to ensure the parts PSI manufactures and provides to our customers not only work as advertised, but can be supported by our tech support team. We spend countless hours ensuring components work together and making sure if we say a combination will work, that it does!


You can check for regular updates on #projectPSI through PSI facebook and Instagram pages. As stated above, the truck currently has a GEN V LT engine with blower and the newest GM 10 speed automatic transmission. It is being driven regularly as part of our tuning development process. In the coming weeks, we will be removing the transmission and installing a manual transmission as part of a partnership with LOJ Conversions. This will give LOJ the opportunity to try out a new engine./transmission adapter, with PSI working on some new inputs for the Engine controller. Stay tuned for updates.