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Gen V LT1 Engine Controller Kit


2014 - 2023+ GEN V LT1, LT4, L83, L84, L86, L87 & L8T 5.3 - 6.2 - 6.6

PARTS INCLUDED: Complete engine and transmission wiring Harness, Engine ECM, TCM (8 and 10 Speed only), Pedal (ACC-1007), O2 Sensors X2 (ACC-1039), MAF Sensor (ACC-1046

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  • 2014 - 2023+ GEN V LT1, LT4, L83, L84, L86, L87 & L8T 5.3 - 6.2 - 6.6

    PARTS INCLUDED: Complete engine and transmission wiring Harness, Engine ECM, TCM (8 and 10 Speed only), Pedal (ACC-1007), O2 Sensors X2 (ACC-1039), MAF Sensor (ACC-1046), ECM Mounting Bracket (ACC-1050), and Instruction Manual.

    ACC-1201 MAF Tubes NOT currently included due to backorder. If added as an option, we will hold the kit for all components to ship together unless otherwise informed. 

    All 6L80E/6L90E Controller Kits require your Customer Supplied TCM to be Mailed in for Tuning/Pairing Purposes. *Don't forget to Mail In your Customer Supplied T43 TCM (located inside your 6L80e transmission). Here is a VIDEO to help with the removal and installation of the TCM.

    ALL 8 + 10 SPEED TCM TUNING REQUIRES YOUR TUN (TRANSMISSION UNIQUE NUMBER) Without the TUN from your transmission you will experience shifting and communication errors. Warranties can not be honored without this information

    2019+ 8L90E transmissions are NOT supported


    • Fuse/Relay Box
    • Fuel Pump Control (Relay included)
    • Fan controls (Fan controller PAC-2800BT and Relays sold separately KIT-1010)
    • Check Engine Light, Speedo output, Tachometer, OBD2 Port
    • Accelerator Pedal
    • Throttle Body
    • MAF Sensor
    • MAP Sensor
    • Engine Coolant Temp Sensor
    • Alternator Control
    • (2) Upstream Oxygen Sensors
    • Crankshaft Position
    • Camshaft Position
    • Fuel Injectors
    • Coil Packs
    • Automatic or Manual Transmission control
    • Knock Sensors

    NOTES: This COMPLETE controller kit from PSI includes everything you need to get that Gen 5 LT engine and Overdrive Transmission running in your project vehicle. Why use an aftermarket controller for your transmission when you can utilize the Factory controller just like the original vehicle! The kit includes hardware and components that don't typically come with used engines, such as the wiring harness, mass airflow meter WITH tube to drop sensor into, pedal, oxygen sensors, and programmed ECM/TCM - eliminating the need to source them separately. This controller system is a true stand-alone system for use in older vehicles, as all that's needed to get a vehicle running with it are power and ground sources, fuel pump and an electric cooling fan. These Harnesses are designed for retrofitting '14 - 22 LT1, L83, L84, L86, L87 & L8T ECOTEC3 GEN V 5.3L, 6.2L, and 6.6L engines and a 4, 6, 8, or 10 speed OR T56/TR6060 or non-electronic automatic transmissions into older muscle cars and street rods or newer non-emissions controlled vehicles. They are completely plug and play with four wire hookup (switched power, constant power and ground connections required). Harnesses are designed with a sliding grommet seal and 4 - 5 feet of length from the rear of the cylinder head to the PCM mounting position under the vehicle dashboard. A sliding grommet seal allows for professional, leak proof installation.

    Harnesses are professionally constructed from Brand New GM Factory/OEM Connectors and TXL (Polyethylene Cross Linked) High Temperature Wire to GM Specifications. All Harnesses are 100% Quality Inspected prior to shipping.

    FANS: Fan control wires will only output signal depending on the operating system your ECM has. These wires are not guaranteed to control your fans. They will 100% not output signal when using a manual transmission. We offer the PAC-2800BT fan controller with Gen 5 harnesses for this reason.


    6L80/90Es: Must be 2013+ model year transmissions to work with a Gen 5 LT system.

    8L80/90Es: 2014-2018 gen 1 model years currently compatible. The gen 2 8 speeds (2019+) are currently not compatible. 

    10L80/90Es: 2017-2023 gen 1 and gen 2 10 speeds are compatible. The only 10 speeds that WILL NOT work with a swap would be a fully electronic push button shifting transmission. This style transmission will have no physical or mechanical shift lever on the outside of the transmission. 


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